IT Support Services

Here at IT All Figures we provide our customers with outstanding IT support and services. With our many years of experience in IT and the support field we are able to offer you IT solutions that are “appropriate” for your business.

We offer a tailored service to suit our customer’s needs, some of our support services include

  • Servers and Workstations monitored                      
  •  Network performance monitored                           
  •  Servers, Workstations, mobile computing, Mobile phones and desk phones all supported
  • Internet connectivity                      
  •  Data back up (secure, encrypted and off site)
  • Training and guidance   

We want our customers to excel in their business, it's in our interest to help our customers be as profitable as possible. This is why we like to guide and advise you on appropriate technology to help you, your teams and ultimately your business.                             

Long Haul                            

We are not motivated by working with a customer for short periods of time we would much rather earn the place of "Trusted partner" and help you for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.                     


At IT All Figures we employ enthusiastic staff who actually love what they do, personality is key to our company ethos as we really don’t like the way customers are not valued by some of the bigger companies. You will never be a number!                                

Give us a call now on 01462 888 777 if you would like IT heaven.

Customer comments

Leigh went in and rolled his sleeves up and got them going – he’s a very practical guy – not one of your theoretical “consultant” types.

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