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IT All Figures are proud to announce it’s partnership with nfon. As an nfon partner we can provide hosted telephone systems to small, mid sized and large companies. With 160 features right from the first extension our telephone system is flexible to suit any type of business.

Specifically designed for businesses with 2 to 249,000 users this phone system will fit your business, truly flexible with no long contracts and you only pay for what you use. No large upfront costs like traditional phone systems and no 5 year leases.

True business continuity can be achieved as our phone system is located in multiple data centres and not on your site therefore should the need arise you can quickly relocate to another office or from home and continue to work.

All you need is an internet connection

With a suitable internet connection your business can make and receive calls, be part of a group, collaborate and see who’s calling you before you pick up. Multiple offices? no problem.

Your office extension can also travel with you, you will never need to give out a mobile number again. You can answer you office extension on your mobile you can transfer and make calls. You could even cut roaming costs considerably.


If you would like to know more and see how this telephone system could work for your business call us today on 01462 418641

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